Rosendale Creek (Unnamed Trib) Use Classification


Unnamed Tributary to West Branch Fond Du Lac River (WBIC 134900) Use Designation. Local Name - Rosendale Trib.


Determine the Use Classification and 303d Impairment. 2001 - 2004

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Targeted Monitoring
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Rosendale Cr. Stream Classification
Activities & Recommendations
Restore Hydrology, Morphology
Section III has significant problems. The ditched area below E. Rose Bd. Rd. resulted in very poor habitat with little conditions for quality macroinvertebrates or quality fishery. There was a small dam in Site R6 that could have been a boundary for fish migration. Also, the impoundment above Site R5 was a clear boundary to fish migration. A restoration of the habitat in the ditched area at and below Site R8 and elimination of the impoundment would result in a seasonal potential classification of WWGF in Sections II and III and could provide migration in the spring to the wetland area above the Village of Rosendale.
Protect Headwaters and Springs
Ensure groundwater pressure that works the springs to Section III be maintained -- ensure that confining layer above the ledge is not punctured during any construction.
Protect Riparian or Shorelands
Ensure that the wooded area adjacent to, and above, Site R6 be maintained as a green corridor so the high quality conditions that were found there can be continued.
Monitor or Propose ORW or ERW
Rosendale Trib. Section III Stretch of Trib. is requested for inclusion as an ERW.
Wastewater Monitoring or Management
The WWTF discharge remain below the high quality area of Site R6 (preferably that it stays in the area it is in between Sites R7 and R8 (see Reif, 2006).