USGS Releases Software for Hydrologic Data Analysis using S-PLUS(r)


The U.S. Geological Survey has released new software for hydrologic data analysis. This new software library was designed to enable USGS scientists and others to conduct a wide range of statistical and graphical analyses of hydrologic data. The library is designed for use with the proprietary statistical package S-PLUS for Windows. The USGS library comprises functions, dialogs, and datasets for the analysis of water resources data extending the statistical and graphical capabilities of S-PLUS. The USGS makes software created for internal use available for free to the public once it has been properly tested and approved. This new software library has procedures for: * trend estimation (seasonal Kendall test and related slope estimators), * methods for analysis of water-quality data with multiple detection limits, * record extension techniques (MOVE.1)* hydrograph plotting * Piper and Stiff diagrams, * subseries plots for seasonal data * USGS-style boxplots. Numerous datasets illustrate the techniques for analyzing surface-water and water quality hydrologic data. Extensive documentation provides guidance on the application of the techniques.


The USGS library provides important tools for data analysis in hydrology", said Dr. Robert Hirsch, USGS Associate Director for Water. The library requires S-PLUS 6.1 for Windows. S-PLUS is a commercial statistical and graphical analysis software package produced by Insightful Corporation ( The USGS library may be downloaded at no charge from the USGS website at

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