Superior Coastal Wetlands Initiative


The goals of the Superior Coastal Wetland Initiative are to protect all coastal wetlands in the Lake Superior Basin in Wisconsin, and improve the ecological functions of those wetlands, especially degraded ones. The project is funded through the North American Wetland Conservation Act (NAWCA) funds. Phase I was completed in 2003, and included the establishment of the Whittlesey Creek National Wildlife Refuge and acquisition of lands within it; restoration of over 50 acres of wetlands in the watershed through the work of the Lake Superior wetland team, and acquisition of over 2,000 acres of critical coastal wetland/bottomland forest and associated uplands in the Kakagon/Bad River Sloughs. Phase II is funded to acquire 1,037 acres of wetlands and 1,433 acres of upland in fee title; acquire 250 acres of wetland and 435 acres of uplands through easements; restore 126 acres of wetlands; enhance 56 acres of wetlands; and set aside 2,500 acres through a conservation stewardship program on private lands. Watershed targets include the Bad River, Raspberry River, Fish Creek and Whittlesey Creek.

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