Silver Lake 303d evaluation NER1_09


This is an ongoing monitoring special project to assess the results of the Silver Lake Restoration project to remove the water from the 303d list.


To determine if the lake has been restored after installation of BMP's. Determine if the lake can be taken off the 303(d) list of impaired waters? Did our restoration activities work? Did we meet our project objectives? What is stil needed?


There are 6 water chemistry sampling events planned for this project and a whole lake aquatic plant survey. The sampling events will be conducted in March, May, June, July, August,and September for water chemistry. There will be an aquatic plant survey in August. Sampling will be complete in September with data entry into SWIMS/WATERS by Mary Gansberg by December 2008.

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Silver Lake Restoration report. Includes summary of restoration and financial sources. Figure 5 a summary of SWIMS station 363312 sediment core samples.
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