EAU CLAIRE COUNTY: Chippewa Valley SW Public Outreach


To cost-share development and implementation of a joint storm water management public outreach program for the Chippewa Valley communities, designed to meet their respective Municipal Storm Water permit requirements.


Develop and implement a Storm Water Management Public Outreach Program for the Chippewa Valley. Cities, Counties, and Towns supporting this as a Shared Service Project under the guidance of Eau Claire County. This is designed to meet our NR 216 Storm Water requirements.


By developing a single public information and education program, we think more can be gained by a consistant message, better use of our resources through such a joint effort, and be more cost-effective. The grant is to build a foundation for our Chippewa Valley Storm Water Management Forum (CVSWMF) so that in two years we will have the resources and formal financing in place to maintain the program. We recognize the necessity of working with a consultant to develop a long-term professional public education strategy. It will identify target audiences, the best methods to reach them, and implement the Public Outreach Program.

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