WI Lake Superior Habitat Project Scoping for the Beneficial Use of Dredge Material


This project will fund a two-year 50% position to coordinate with partners to identify and scope projects that protect and restore priority habitat and species by utilizing dredge material in Wisconsin’s portion of the St. Louis River estuary.Sites currently identified for project scoping are Shafer Beach, WI Point and Allouez Bay. Feasible projects will be shared with the USACE to be considered as options for their Duluth-Superior Harbor Long Term Dredge Material Management Plan.


The primary goal of this project is to conduct and complete the scoping of projects at the Shafer Beach, WI Point and Allouez Bay sites. A project scoping summary report will be developed for each of these sites that outlines specific habitat/species priorities, project concept and initial feasibility for implementing project with the beneficial use of dredge material. Additional sites will be identified, and project scoping completed, as time allows. Sites determined to be feasible for projects will be prioritized for development of proposals and funding requests.


This project will contribute toward the GLRI Action Plan II Objective 4.1 to protect and restore communities of native aquatic and terrestrial species important to the Great Lakes. The efforts also seek innovative approaches to beneficially use dredge material to protect and restore fish and wildlife habitat as identified in the draft GLRI Action Plan III FA4. Project identification and scoping will contribute towards priorities, goals and objectives identified in the following federal, state and local plans: Lake Superior’s LAMP and Biodiversity Conservation Strategy: WI’s Great Lakes Strategy and Wildlife Action Plan; Lower St. Louis River Habitat Plan and Wisconsin Point Management Plan.

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