Little Manitowoc Coastal Wetland Restoration Project


Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership in coordination with the WDNR and City of Manitowoc will design and construct wetland habitat restoration enhancements. This project will create approximately 50% open-water and 50% native emergent vegetation with planned flat sedge shorelines. The restored area will provide new habitat opportunities for a diverse array of fish and wildlife species. Enhancements will include nesting structures for fish, birds, and bats, interpretive signage, and shoreline RCG treatment and native seeding.


This project is part of a larger initiative to create 232-acre Little Manitowoc River Conservancy that will connect three city parks and additional land. The Conservancy will be made more accessible to the public, provide better shorebird and fish habitat, and will restore natural floodplain wetland conditions to help reduce phosphorus loads.


The overall outcome of this project is to restore and provide critical fish and wildlife habitat such as spawning grounds for fish, migratory stopovers, staging and breeding grounds for shoreline birds and waterfowl, invertebrates and native plants species in the Little Manitowoc River and coastal wetlands that are hydraulically connected to Lake Michigan.

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