Sheboygan River AOC Plankton and other BUI Data Assessment


This project funds the analysis and documentation of results of previous data collected by WDNR, USGS, and other organizations to determine what next steps are required for either additional monitoring and data analysis needs or to move toward BUI removal. Depending on data evaluation recommendations and funding availability, some data collection to assess BUI status may also be performed.


A combinations of environmental consultant(s) and/or university partner(s) and WDNR staff will evaluate, assess and document results of previously collected zooplankton community data, mink abundance and contaminant load data, and waterfowl contaminate burden data using most appropriate methods and interpret data in the context of next steps for either additional data collection and assessment or BUI removal.


Analyze, interpret, and/or document results and BUI status for data on zooplankton, mink population and contamination, and waterfowl consumption advisories in the Sheboygan AOC to determine impairment status in the Sheboygan River AOC. This project will determine and document future needs of the associated BUIs.

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