Piping Plover Habitat Establishment Phase


This project will implement the establishment phase following construction of Piping Plover habitat at the WI Point Bird Sanctuary. This is the final project phase that will include intensive management of the restored Piping Plover habitat the first 3-5 years after construction to ensure project success.


The Piping Plover Establishment Phase will meet the GLRI Focus Area I Objective to “Remediate, restore and delist Areas of Concern” by “implementing actions to remove beneficial use impairments”, specifically, the Degraded Fish and Wildlife BUI for the St. Louis River AOC.

Study Design

 Establish and maintain 14 acres of the suitable Piping Plover foraging and nesting habitat for 3-5 years post construction.  Restore 1.5 acres of native dune grass.  Complete biannual habitat assessments and identify necessary management actions to maintain suitable Piping Plover foraging and nesting habitat for 3-5 years.  Installation of access road gate to protect habitat and Piping Plovers when the wildlife area is closed during the nesting season.  Installation and removal of temporary signs to inform the public of wildlife area closure during the nesting season for 3-5 years.  Annual reports summarizing habitat assessments, management actions conducted to maintain suitable Piping Plover habitat, level of effort and funding expended.  Final report summarizing establishment phase actions and recommendations for future habitat management to inform any revisions necessary to the long-term management plan.

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