St. Louis River AOC Wild Rice Restoration


This project is focused on restoring 275 acres of wild rice in the estuary to contribute to the removal of the Loss of Fish and Wildlife Beneficial Use Impairment (BUI). This project is a continuation and advancement of previous restoration work in Minnesota and Wisconsin portions of the AOC. A project coordinator position will be created to direct and lead all AOC wild rice restoration efforts. The project scope includes five years of seeding, implementation of restoration site treatments to promote rice growth and reduce predation, and a review and update of the Wild Rice Restoration Implementation Plan (MDNR, 2014). The current request is for the initial 2 years. WDNR anticipates requesting funds for the final 3 years of the project in a future fiscal year.


The SLRAOC RAP includes management action 9.21 in the Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat BUI to restore 275 acres of wild rice within the AOC. This project builds on current efforts and maximizes the previous investments in wild rice restoration in the estuary.


• Complete management action 9.21 in the SLRAOC RAP by September 30, 2024. • Coordinate the SLRAOC wild rice restoration effort. This includes leading the restoration site team that consists of Fond du Lac Band, GLIFWC, 1854 Treaty Authority, Minnesota DNR, Minnesota Land Trust, St. Croix Tribe, Wisconsin DNR, UW Superior LSRI, St. Louis River Alliance and other partners. • Provide documentation to be included in the Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat BUI removal package. • Enhance or restore 275 acres of wild rice in the SLRAOC to meet BUI targets.

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