Clean Boats, Clean Waters - Waterfowl 2019


Beginning in 2016, Wisconsin DNR Water Guards working with UW Extension Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Outreach and Communications staff, and AIS Partners around the state utilized Clean Boats, Clean Waters (CBCW) methodology to conduct boat/gear inspections and AIS education during the waterfowl hunting season. Waterfowl hunters often visit multiple lakes, rivers and wetlands. Although many have heard about NR40, the law requiring them to inspect their boats and gear, drain water, and never move plants and animals during the summer boating season, they may not realize that their sport can also be a pathway for AIS movement. The CBCW message and survey has been adapted for the waterfowl hunting audience, emphasizing how their specific gear needs careful inspection and cleaning before moving to another waterbody. In 2018, the Water Guard program ended and the statewide AIS Partnership made of DNR, County, and non-profit AIS Coordinators took the lead on the campaign. The 2019 Waterfowl Hunter AIS Campaign focus’ on outreach by boat inspectors to hunters on the Sept. 28th opening weekend, but outreach may continue throughout the season.


AIS moves along multiple pathways. CBCW has previously focused on summer boating for recreation and fishing. The project addresses the movement of AIS through the sport of waterfowl hunting.

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