City of Kenosha Environs


Sanitary sewer service area plans for the City of Kenosha and Environs that identify the outer boundary of the area within which sanitary sewers may be extended. The plans also identify the extent of environmentally sensitive lands within each sewer service area. A map identifying the location and extent of the State-approved sanitary sewer areas may be found here on the SEWRPC Regional Map Server

Upon approval of the SSA Plans, sewer extensions must be in conformance with the delineated 20-year growth boundary. As the designated water quality management planning agency for the seven-county southeastern Wisconsin Region under the Federal Clean Water Act, SEWRPC is responsible for working with local governments and sewerage plants and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to ensure that the federal and state laws are fulfilled.


Cost-effective public sewer for the City of Kenosha and Environs and delineation of environmentally sensitive areas to protect water quality.

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SEWRPC The areas proposed to be added to the Greater Kenosha sanitary sewer service area encompass approximately 303 acres located generally south of STH 142, west of IH 94/USH 41, and east of CTH UE. It includes about 22 acres of land located within existing freeway and street right-of-way, two acres of existing commercial development, and 21 acres of existing residential land. The subject area also includes just over eight acres of small wetlands as identified in the Wisconsin Wetlands Inventory and 250 acres of agricultural land. The subject area does not encompass any lands that have been identified as enviornmental corridor or isolated natural resources area.
Approval Letter SE-0134