TOWN OF WOODBORO: Woodboro Comprehensive Land Use Plan


Town of Woodboro is sponsoring a large scale lake planning grant to protect water resources, lakes, streams, and wetlands within the Town of Woodboro. The North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission is a project partner. The project will focus on updating the Comprehensive Land Use Plan for the Town of Woodboro. Project activities include: 1) Public involvement and education - community planning survey, monthly/bi-monthly planning meetings (as needed), and final plan meeting 2) Develop public participation plan 3) Summary and analysis of demographics, zoning and water management issues 4) Watershed assessment (includes physical characteristics of soils, wetlands, and waterbodies, development patterns, land uses, surface runoff patterns, and environmentally sensitive areas) 5) Develop comprehensive land use plan Project deliverables include: 1) Community planning survey 2) Public participation plan 3) Watershed maps 4) Comprehensive land use plan Specific conditions for this project: - Draft of community planning survey should be submitted to Lakes Management Coordinator for review before sending to public - Comprehensive land use plan needs Dept review and approval WDNR Lakes Management Coordinator will be provided with an electronic (pdf or word) and hard copy of comprehensive land use plan, community planning survey, public participation plan, data from watershed assessment, all maps from project, and all GIS data.

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