DEER LAKE CONSERVANCY INC: 319 LMI-Direct Drainage Runoff Reduction Projects


The Deer Lake Conservancy is sponsoring a project to install several best management practices that will reduce runoff into Deer Lake. Project activities: 1)Shoreline buffer restoration, 2) Design and installation of raingardens and infiltration practices, 3) Culvert extension and road shoulder stabilization, 4) Sediment basin design and installation Project deliverables include: Design plans, Pre/post photographs, copies of landowner contracts, and a summary report with phosphorus loading reductions Specific project conditions: \2022 Buffer restoration shall follow Wisconsin Biology Technical Note 1: Shoreland Habitat. \2022 All permits must be issued before construction, and all regulatory requirements apply. \2022 The DNR logo should be used for promotion and publicity and DNR recognized as a funding source. \2022 Projects that do not qualify as Healthy Lakes Best Practices require a 25-year operation & maintenance plan recorded on the property deed. This scope summarizes the scope in the grant application and attachments and does not supersede those application tasks/deliverables

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