GLACIERLAND RC&D, INC.: Ozaukee County Phragmites and Japanese Knotweed Control


Glacierland RC & D is sponsoring a project to control Phragmites and Japanese Knotweed in 60 acres throughout Ozaukee County. Project activities include: 1) consolidation of existing mapped Japanese Knotweed and Phragmites stands into one GIS based web map; 2) participation in a UW-Green Bay study on the effectiveness of Phragmites treatments ; 3) chemical treatment of stands; 4) reseeding with native plants in treated areas where appropriate and feasible; 5) educational outreach with local public works departments to reduce the spread of exotic species in ROW mowing; 6) outreach with educational programming and training on mapping and control efforts; and 7) development of a long term control strategy with local units of government and private landowners. Project deliverables include: 1) Progress reports twice a year detailing the past six months\2019 activities and accomplishments; 2) a final report showing GIS maps of treated areas, excel tables listing parcels treated, date of treatment(s), chemicals used, concentration used and native plant efforts; 3) summaries of the efforts and a description of the successes and shortcomings of the project; 4) electronic copies of GIS maps, treatment records and the final report. Specific project conditions: A draft copy of the final report will be provided to the WDNR for review before the report is finalized. WDNR will be provided electronic and hard copies of data and reports/plans generated as a result of this project. If consultant is to provide final report, it is recommended that Grantee provide DNR Lake Coordinator with a draft for comment on report adequacy prior to making final payment to the consultant. DNR to receive both paper and electronic .pdf copies of the final report along with, or prior to submission of grantee's final payment request.

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