LAKESHORE NATURAL RESOURCES PARTNERSHIP INC.: Manitowoc County Collaborative Pharagmites Project - Phase 3


Lakeshore Natural Resources Partnership is sponsoring a project to implement control measures for invasive phragmites in the western Townships of Manitowoc County. Project final deliverables include: all data collected and a summary report of the overall project. Specific project activities include: 1) Continue to update and utilize an adaptive GIS-based mapping platform to monitor and assess treatment success and extent of phragmites; 2) Participate in collaborative research with UW-GB Cofrin Center for Biodiversity; 3) Implement treatments to reduce established populations within the Phase 3 project area focusing within the primary invasion corridors; 4) Identify suitable re-vegetation sites and install native vegetation; 5) Facilitate coordinated, community-focused efforts with private landowners, non-profits and local governments to identify and implement long-term control strategies; 6) Conduct trainings for local governments who will conduct long-term control strategies within road rights-of-ways and other public property; 7) Continue education and outreach efforts on invasive species issues; and 8) Develop a final report summarizing the overall project results.

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