DANE COUNTY LAND CONSERVATION DEPARTMENT: Yellow Floating Heart/Yellow Iris Eradication - Dane County Pond


Dane County Land and Water Conservation Dept. proposes to administer this grant to eradicate two AIS in a small private pond, yellow floating heart (YFH) and yellow iris. They will coordinate annual permits and applications of herbicide to the pond and its perimeter. Treatment will kill existing plants, and until the seedbank is depleted, which will occur by the fifth year of the project. Post-treatment residual herbicide will be monitored the first two years to ensure effective exposure to the YFH plants is happening. Outside the scope of the grant, but important to the project, the DNR will monitor the plant populations, and the manufacturer of the YFH herbicide will consult on appropriate dosing rate. The final report will be made available publicly and be posted on the DNR SWIMs database.

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