DRIFTLESS AREA LAND CONSERVANCY: Tools for Community-Based Conservation for Lowery Creek


Driftless Area Land Conservancy: Tools for Community-Based Conservation for Lowry Creek Scope of Work: The Driftless Area Land Conservancy will: 1.) Create land cover and other baseline mapping layers, such as topography, vegetation cover, water quality, etc. critical to understanding watershed needs and promoting management decisions that will improve Lowery Creek water quality, currently a Class 2 trout stream. As part of this activity, DALC will identify and map current land management practices in riparian areas to help identify opportunities for supporting and incentivizing landowners. 2.) Engage landowners to help identify areas of concern and opportunities related to reducing soil erosion, improving water quality and restoring unique habitats. This will involve offering a half-day workshop devoted to education of landowners on topics such as stream bank stabilization, planting buffers and controlling invasive species. 3.) Expand on the routine water quality sampling and analysis. This process will include identification of new sites to collect water quality data on both branches and the mainstem for data comparison purposes. 4.) Communicate the results of the mapping, workshop and water monitoring activities with a broader audience including Iowa County Land Conservation Department, NRCS, and Trout Unlimited, in order to engage other partners who could be helpful in assisting landowners in fulfilling the specific goals for their properties.

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