TOMAHAWK LAKE ASSOCIATION: Shoreland Restoration and Stormwater GIS Mapping/Planning


Activities: Tomahawk Lake Association is sponsoring a lake protection grant to determine critical habitat areas on the lake, monitor shorelands, and create a comprehensive lake habitat and use map that will be used to educate landowners and identify areas for shoreland restoration and/or habitat protection and improvement. Project activities include: 1) Collect data, using critical habitat designation (CHD) protocols, and map high quality aquatic plant areas of the lake; 2) Collect data, using CHD protocols, and map areas of high fish/wildlife habitat value; 3) Collect data and map high human-use areas; 4) Collect shoreland and shallows data for all parcels using the DNR protocol; 5) Evaluate the possibility (with Oneida County) of using lidar to map the watershed; 6) Develop a comprehensive Tomahawk Lake map including habitat, human use, and other relevant data. Project deliverables include: 1) Maps and data of high-quality aquatic plant communities, critical fish and/or wildlife habitat areas, high human use areas, and shoreland condition. 2) Shoreland data will be put on the DNR Surface Water Data Viewer; 3) A comprehensive Tomahawk Lake map with habitat and human-use layers; 4) Final report. Specific project conditions: 1) Feedback will be sought from DNR Lake, Fish, and Wildlife Biologists on potential or additional critical habitat areas. 2) Draft of final report needs Dept review and approval. 3) WDNR Lake Biologist will be provided with an electronic copy of final report; shoreland, habitat, and human-use data and photos; all maps from project, and all GIS data.

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