PICKEREL/CRANE LAKE PROT & REHAB DISTRICT: Pickerel-Crane Lakes Stewardship Program


Activities: Pickerel Crane Lakes P&R District is sponsoring a large scale lake planning grant which will focus on updating a Lake Management Plan (LMP) for the two lakes. Project activities include: 1) Gather and assess existing lake information; 2) Water quality sampling; 3) Point-intercept (PI) aquatic plant surveys; 4) Shoreland and littoral habitat surveys (following DNR protocol); 5) Aquatic animal reporting and AIS survey (following DNR protocol), including sediments collection for spiny waterflea and zebra mussel veliger sample collection; 6) Watershed assessment (by volunteers and contractor) and analysis of watershed land-use and phosphorus loading using the WiLMs model; 7) Stakeholder survey; 8) Educational programs including meetings, newsletter articles, floating workshop, and press releases; 9) Develop an updated LMP, including an aquatic plant management plan (APMP) as an appendix. Project deliverables include: 1) Data from PI aquatic plant survey, stakeholder survey, water quality, AIS survey, aquatic animal reports, shoreland and littoral habitat surveys, and watershed assessment; 2) Aquatic plant vouchers for any new species located; 4) Education meetings, workshops, and materials; 3) Updated LMP and APMP. Specific project conditions: 1) Draft of stakeholder survey needs to be submitted to DNR for review and approval before sending to public; 2) LMP needs DNR review and approval; 3) WDNR Lake Biologist will be provided with an electronic copy of reports and/or management plans; data from PI survey, stakeholder survey, water quality, watershed assessment, AIS survey, shoreland and littoral habitat survey (including parcel photos), rare species; a set of aquatic plant vouchers for any new species; all maps from project, and all GIS data.

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