ONEIDA COUNTY: Oneida County AIS Prevention & Control Project 2019-2020


Activities: Oneida County LWCD is sponsoring an AEPP grant focusing on AIS education, prevention, monitoring, and coalition building. Project activities include: 1) Attend WI Lakes Convention, AIS coordinator meetings, and local lake fairs; 2) Host 2 CBCW workshops, 1 CLMN workshop, 1 invasive species ID day, 5 student class/field events; 3) Distribute Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers materials to students, volunteers, baitshops, fishing tournaments, and other stakeholders; 4) Take part in DNR Law Enforcement AIS Team events; 5) Participate in Landing Blitz, Drain Campaign, AIS Snapshot Day, Bait Shop Outreach, waterfowl hunter campaign, Habitatitude, and Clean Angling Campaign; 6) Perform at least 625 Clean Boats, Clean Waters hours; 7) Write at least 12 AIS updates and distribute them to AIS email listserve, website, and social media; 8) Host Oneida County Stewardship Awards Banquet and coordinate Northwoods Invasive Species Poster Contest; 9) Update Oneida County AIS Strategic Plan for 2019-2024; 10) Hire 3 seasonal AIS staff; 11) Continue PL, yellow iris, Phragmites, Glyceria control/restoration projects and Pelican Lake zebra mussel monitoring; 12) Collect data on AIS distribution/movement and assist with PI and GLRI surveys; 13) maintain DO meter for CLMN volunteers; 14) Create an annual report summarizing project activities. Project deliverables include: 1) Workshop attendance lists, AIS meeting attendance, AIS outreach updates, and awards ceremony; 2) Hired staff; 3) Entry of CBCW and AIS monitoring forms into SWIMS; 4) One point-intercept and AIS survey report; 5) Summaries of AIS restoration projects and Pelican Lake zebra mussel monitoring project; 6) DO meter check-out lists and calibration log; 8) Updated AIS maps; 9) 2019-2024 AIS Strategic Plan; 10) Final report.

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