MUSKELLUNGE LAKE ASSOCIATION, INC.: Muskellunge Lake Large Scale Lake Management Plan


The Muskellunge Lake Association is sponsoring a LPL grant to study Muskellunge Lake, in Vilas County, with a study completion date of Dec 31, 2022. The project will focus on developing a Lake Management Plan (LMP). Activities: 1. Conduct professional AIS monitoring 2. Point intercept survey 3. Prepare maps of AIS, sediment hot spots 4. Prioritize locations for shoreline restoration 5. Water quality samples and DO/temp profiles, review of fisheries data 6. Evaluate nutrient loading 7. Watercraft inspections 8. Develop Lake Management Plan Project deliverables include: 1. Point Intercept Survey results and maps 2. Maps of phosphorus loading, and sediment hotspots 3. Water quality data and watercraft inspections entered into SWIMS 4. Schematics and visual renderings of shoreline restoration techniques 5. Lake Management Plan Specific project conditions: LMP needs Dept review and approval. WDNR Lakes Management Coordinator will be provided with an electronic (pdf or word) copy of reports, PI, water quality, watershed, AIS, riparian habitat, rare species, fisheries data, a set of aquatic plant vouchers, all maps from project, and all GIS data.

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