AMNICON/DOWLING LAKE MANAGEMENT DISTRICT: Dowling Lake Water Quality Improvement Planning Project


Amnicon-Dowling Management District is sponsoring a comprehensive lake monitoring and management planning project on Dowling Lake. Activities include: aquatic plant, shoreland, water quality and quantity, and tributary loading monitoring; shoreland/land use mapping and modeling; social surveying; and planning with local stakeholders. Results will be compared to historical information and studies. Final deliverables include: monitoring and modeling results, including maps and electronic data sheets; survey summary report; and a water quality improvement plan. Special Conditions: WDNR\2019s monitoring protocols should be used and all data not automated via SLOH should be entered into SWIMS. The specific objectives, metrics, and deliverables for the listed activities are included in the application and supporting materials, and this scope is not intended to replace or supersede those documents.

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