WHITEFISH LAKE PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOC: Whitefish Lake Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan


Activities: The Whitefish Lake Property Owner\2019s Association is sponsoring a project which will collect data for an AIS management plan update. Project activities include: 1) Stakeholder survey development, survey, and report; 2) Aquatic plan point-intercept (PI) survey; 3) Landowner aquatic plant/EWM identification education (with Sawyer County) and AIS education via Association newsletter and website; 4) Pre-post EWM treatment monitoring (by LCO tribe) and volunteer EWM monitoring; 5) Shoreland assessment survey; 6) 200 hours of Clean Boats, Clean Waters (CBCW) watercraft inspection; 7) Water quality sample collection (with LCO tribe); 8) Develop an AIS management plan update. Project deliverables include: 1) Stakeholder survey report; 2) Plant PI data and analysis; 3) EWM pre-post monitoring data and maps; 4) Aquatic plant/EWM education workshop attendance list, and educational materials (handouts, newsletter, website); 5) Shoreland survey data and report; 6) CBCW data entered into SWMS database; 7) Water chemistry data (entered into SWIMS); 8) Updated AIS management plan. Specific project conditions: 1) Draft of stakeholder survey needs Dept review and approval; 2) Draft of AIS management plan needs Dept review and approval. 3) Association members will be trained by DNR staff before conducting shoreland survey. 4) WDNR Lake Biologist will be provided with an electronic copy of AIS management plan, stakeholder survey, data from plant and shoreland surveys, water quality assessment, aquatic plant vouchers for any new species found during the PI survey, and any maps and GIS data created during the project. If aquatic plant vouchers were not collected during previous PI surveys then they should be collected and verified as part of this project.

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