Big Eau Pleine River Evaluation


The Big Eau Pleine Flowage is listed on the Federal 303 (d) list for violations of the State\0092s dissolved oxygen and pH water quality standards. The Department is scheduled to conduct a multi-year water quality study starting in 2009 to develop a TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) for the river and flowage. The study will be completed in conjunction with Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company\0092s (WVIC) three year flowage monitoring plan mandated in their FERC license. WVIC will begin their flowage monitoring in 2010 and continue through 2012.TMDL monitoring will begin in 2009 which will continue the loading study and collect additional information about in-lake water quality. Many TMDLs developed for impoundments use one or two years of loading data due to funding and time constraints. Sediment and nutrient loading can be very variable between years which decrease the accuracy of the water quality models. A larger data set will greatly increase the accuracy of future water quality models by accounting for variability between multiple years.


We would like to obtain funding for water chemistry analysis at the SLOH and travel dollars for a volunteer monitor. The volunteer will begin sample collection July 2007 and continue monthly through June 2009.


Annual loading data collected over multiple years will increase the accuracy of water quality models by accounting for variability between survey years and enhance the overall TMDL decision making process.

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