Frame Park Creek - 303(d) list verification SER_01_08


A fish community assessment will be conducted at three sampling sites on Frame Park Creek. A macroinvertebrate kick sample will be collected in from each sampling site. Quantitative habitat assessments will be conducted at each sampling site. Instantaneous water temperature, DO, pH, Conductivity, transparency tube, and flow will be collected twice at each sampling site. Thermisters will be deployed at each location. A single surficial grab sediment sample will be taken and tested from each site (see SLOH attachment for sampling parameters).


Frame Park Creek is a 303(d) Federally Listed Impaired Water of the State. Previous sediment sampling indicated sediment toxicity issues. Follow-up sampling, including macroinvertebtrate and fish community sampling, will assist in clarifying the accuracy of the 303(d) listing and documenting impacts to the waterbody.

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