BAYFIELD COUNTY: Bayfield Co Aquatic Invasive Species Project


Bayfield County is sponsoring a multi-year countywide AIS project/position. Activities include: AIS education/outreach; watercraft inspection & decontamination; a Lake Superior tributary and marina monitoring strategy; early detection, response and control efforts; AIS monitoring; and CLMN and CBCW training. Project deliverables include the results of the monitoring, planning, control, and education/outreach as described in the application, including all GIS-related data and files, examples of outreach materials developed, and a project summary/report. Special Conditions: WDNR\2019s AIS monitoring protocols should be used and all data should be entered into SWIMS. The specific objectives, metrics, and deliverables for the listed activities are included in the application and supporting materials, and this scope is not intended to replace or supersede those documents. The Department may request quarterly progress reports.

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Aquatic Invasives Grant
Aquatic Invasives Education
Reports and Documents
Lake Owen Association has taken the initiative and obtained a DNR grant to pursue boat decontamination via trailered power washer. This describes their efforts in 2019.
Attended with the NCWMA Coordinator to two Bayfield County sites. We looked at invasive Queen of the Meadow in Herbster (another site exists in Port Wing) and checked out rather aggressive native Phragmites in Bark Bay wetland. Both sites are being monitored and varying levels of management are happening.
Questions from Half Moon Lake in Iron River about Healthy Lakes projects.
The Land Records Dept. conducted drone flights during summer and fall 2019 on a few Bayfield County sites, including two at C&W Trucking, a known location for knotweed infestations. The hope was to get an aerial perspective of how widespread knotweed was throughout the area and identify unknown populations. The drone delivered in a big way, twice.
Island Lake, Bayfield County, WI
One of the modules that the Bayfield County AIS Coordinator and Jeremy Bates teaches with volunteers to Drummond 7th grade students as part of the Lake Ecology Education Program (LEEP)
Information illustrating what we might expect to happen in northern Wisconsin in the not too distant future. Could help guide management decisions.
Email about boat landing decontamination signs and distribution
A must have prior to going into the field
Invitation to 2020's Kids Fishing Day at the NGLVC. Covid-19 is likely to greatly hinder having that event though.
Annual fishing event for kids held at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center on the first Saturday in June. We run the AIS station with other volunteers and professionals.
Agendas from Town of Barnes AIS Committee meetings in 2019
Red Cliff spearheaded a project replacing invasive Phragmites with native Phragmites at local wastewater treatment plants. They received an Invader Crusader Award for their efforts!
Maps, datasheet, and Aquatic Invasive Plant Incident Report forms for species located and confirmed on Cable Lake on 07-26-2019. Assistance rendered by Rick Minkley (boat driver) and Brian Szymanski (site coordinator).
Trained a second round of inspectors, including our own for Bayfield County LWCD
Iron River CBCW training
Outdoor learning modules we teach to Drummond 7th graders through the Lake Ecology Education Program
CBCW training at the Namakagon Town Hall
Letter for vendors at the Bayfield County Fair
Position descriptions for interns that would be working on CBCW, boat washing, and other projects for the Northwoods CWMA and Bayfield County.
Activities & Recommendations
Grant Awarded
Grant AEPP58919 awarded