WASHBURN COUNTY LWCD: Washburn County AIS Education & Prevention Project


Washburn County is sponsoring a project to employ a county wide AIS Coordinator. The coordinator will perform education outreach at public events and lake association meetings, distribute educational materials to the public, assist in developing Purple Loosestrife bio-control projects, monitor and map AIS species in the county, develop a countywide network of personnel willing to help implement AIS control and prevention efforts, coordinate the AIS planning committee, work with Town Boards to create Town Lake Committees, create, distribute, and implement a Strategic AIS Plan for countywide AIS control, and provide grant assistance. Project deliverables include a comprehensive report including: 1) Report/assessment of education/outreach activities including examples of newsletters, articles and educational materials. 2) Report on Purple Loosestrife bio-control projects. 3) Report on AIS monitoring activities including distribution and species data with maps of previous AIS infestation locations and additional infestations documented during the project. 4) County-wide resource list, including contracts, monitors, volunteers, etc. 5) Report on activities and subsequent formations of Town Lake Committees. 6) Report summarizing AIS Planning Committee activities. 7) Complete Strategic AIS Plan and implementation progress report. 8) Documentation of donated time and services related to grant administration. 9) AIS related materials generated or paid for by this grant. Special conditions: The project sponsor shall immediately contact the DNR in the event of a new AIS infestation. This scope summarizes the scope provided in the grant application and does not supersede application specifics. Data, records, and reports, including GIS-based maps and digital images, must be submitted to the Department in a format specified by the regional Lake Coordinator. The DNR shall receive a paper and an electronic copy of the final report.

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