Bruce Pond (Round Lake)


Round Lake is a natural pond in the Village of Bruce that historically was used as a wastewater treatment pond. Past sampling has shown high levels of metals and PCB's in the sediment. The Village has been aerating the pond in recent years and developed a park and trail. They have also been interested in using it as a kids' fishing pond. Total sediment depth will be determined by probing at 5 sites during the winter of 2007-8. Sediment cores will be collected from these sites in the pond and divided into 4 layers. A composite sample for each of the 4 layers will be analyzed. Field work will be done by Craig Roesler and an LTE assistant. A final report will be prepared by Craig Roesler.


To determine if the pond should be added to the 303d list and to determine management options.


Should this waterbody be added to the 303d list? What management options are feasible?

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Previous sediment samples from Bruce Pond (03/13/08) showed that only the top 2 feet of sediment was influenced by past municipal sewage inputs. Additional core samples were collected on April 16th, 2009 to better define the distribution of heavy metal contaminants within the top 2 feet of sediment. Cores were collected from 3 sites (table 1) and partitioned into 0.5 feet segments. Segments from the 3 sites were composited prior to analysis.
Bruce Pond (Round Lake) Sediment Core Sampling Results.
Monitoring Proposal