Slaughterhouse Creek Study


Slaughterhouse Creek Study. The the of Rhinelander Landfill is the source of contaminants to this Coldwater Class I Trout stream.


The City of Rhinelander landfill is located near Slaughterhouse Creek and the Pelican River in Oneida County. The city is under enforcement action to address the movement of contaminated groundwater from the landfill to adjacent Slaughterhouse Creek and the Pelican River. The city has placed a new cap on the landfill and installed a groundwater pump and treatment system on the Pelican River side of the landfill. To address the Slaughterhouse Creek side of the landfill, the city's consultant is attempting phytoremediation which involves planting willows and poplars on the slope of the landfill cap. Earlier investigations by WDNR have found contaminated sediments in Slaughterhouse Creek and also impaired water quality conditions (elevated levels of ammonia, hardness, conductivity) due to the landfill. Monitoring has focused on the temporal and spatial changes in the water quality parameters and performing toxicity identification studies. Further sediment assessment work may be done this season to identify the degree and extent of contamination. Based on findings related to the water quality studies and any further sediment investigations, determinations will be made for further actions.

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