UPPER ST CROIX LAKE ASSOCIATION: Community Approach to Lake Planning, etc.-#3


Upper St. Croix Lake Association is sponsoring a multi-phase project to develop a community-based lake management plan. This scope covers the precipitation monitoring, internal loading and modeling phase. Citizen volunteers will be trained to monitor precipitation daily. Twenty sediment cores will be collected and analyzed for sediment phosphorous release under oxic and anoxic conditions to determine sediment SRP release rates. Surface- and groundwater-sheds will be delineated. Water and nutrient budgets will be developed using monitoring data as well as land use, climate, and previous research information. WiLMS will be used to predict in-lake phosphorous concentrations under various management alternatives. This information will be used in the final project strategic planning and management plan development phase. Final deliverables include: precipitation logs; sediment phosphorous release rates and study summary; modeling results, and watershed delineations. This scope is intended to summarize the detailed project scope provided in the application and does not supersede those application tasks/deliverables. Data, records, and reports, including GIS-based maps and digital images, must be submitted to the Department in a format specified by the regional Lake Coordinator. Grantee or consultant will provide DNR Lake Coordinator with a draft for comment on report adequacy prior to making final payment to the consultant. DNR shall receive both paper and electronic copies of the final report along with, or prior to submission of grantee's final payment request.

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