MONROE COUNTY: Flood Repair - Arndt Livestock Runoff NOI


This grant provides funding and authorizes cost-share reimbursement by the DEPARTMENT for the above-named project and the grant period in Part 1 above. The following eligible Best Management Practices (BMPs) and activities to replace flood-damaged BMPs previously cost-shared under LW06-41000-N10B, Arndt Livestock Runoff NOI, are consistent with project budget identified in Part 2 above. Section NR 153.22, Wis. Adm. Code, allows the Department to issue a new grant agreement to cost share the replacement of a practice if it becomes ineffective either during the grant period of the runoff management grant agreement or during the operation and maintenance period for the project, and the reason for the practice becoming ineffective is beyond the control of the cost-share recipient. Specifically, the grantee will replace 900 linear feet of streambank shaping and seeding to repair flood damage at the Arndt project.

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