OUTAGAMIE COUNTY: Plum and Kankapot


The grantee will implement practices to address agricultural nonpoint sources of pollution through the installation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) addressing sediment and nutrient loading and violations of the NR 151 Agricultural Performance Standards and Prohibitions. Specifically, the grantee will implement: Barnyard Runoff Control Systems; Water and Sediment Control Basins; Access Roads & Cattle Crossings; Animal Trails and Walkways; Critical Area Stabilization; Diversions; Grade Stabilization; Heavy Use Area Protection; Livestock Fencing; Livestock Watering Facilities; Prescribed Grazing; Riparian Buffers; Riparian Buffers; Roof Runoff Systems; Sediment Basins; Terrace Systems; Waterway Systems; Wetland Development or RestorationStream CrossingRip-rapping Shaping & Seeding Fencing Other Stream/Shoreline Protection - specify:Cover & Green Manure and Crop Residue Management.

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