Middle Illinois Fox River TWA 2019 Sabre


Rachel Sabre and other DNR staff will monitor of downstream portions of the Middle Fox River Watershed (HUC 10: 0712000607) Monitoring HUC 12: 07(Long Lake) 06 (Eagle Creek). Water Quality monitoring as well as bank stability is being completed by local community stakeholder groups, and a possible 9 key element plan is proposed by SERWFC in the Middle Fox Watershed. However the main focus of the monitoring for the proposed 9 key element is focused on the mainstem of the fox river. This data collection and monitoring will help bolster data collection for that project as well as continue to work to assess the full HUC 8 Illinois Fox River Watershed. I have already completed monitoring of the HUC 10 Upper Illinois Fox River Watershed as well and monitoring of HUC 10 watersheds of Sugar & Honey Creeks.


There is interest amongst watershed groups and local government to create a 9 key element plan in the Middle Fox River area. Data gathered for this project will be used to update the watershed plan and stream narratives, an update information related to impaired waters listings.


Fisheries, habitat, flow, water quality and macroinvertebrate data will be collected on 5-8 sites in these HUC 12 -watersheds. Data will be collected during the field season of the 2019 calendar year. Data will be entered into the FH database and SWIMS. Updated streams narratives and watershed report will be entered into SWIMS and WATERS. Watershed Report will be completed in winter of 2021.

Study Design

Study will be conducted using department approved SOPs and techniques

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