Little Menomonee River Corridor Habitat Restoration - Implementation


This project is part of the Little Menomonee River Corridor Habitat Restoration, a management action for the Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat beneficial use impairment in the Milwaukee Estuary AOC Remedial Action Plan Update for 2016. It will address land use impacts and remedial actions at the Moss American/Kerr McGee Superfund site that have left the river corridor degraded. Milwaukee County will hire a dedicated AOC project coordinator to ensure successful implementation of this project and others in the Milwaukee Estuary AOC.


Project objectives are: incorporate adequate buffers around and improve connectivity of the aquatic and riparian habitats; ensure any passive recreational activities do not adversely impact the habitat or wildlife value of the site; manage the invasive vegetation and maintain the habitat through the Milwaukee County DPRC Natural Areas Program; and implement some type of permanent conservation protection for the site.


Outcomes include: Improved lateral and linear connectivity within the more than 630-acre, 6-mile river corridor; improved fish and aquatic life passage; improved continuity of riparian buffers, including decreased resistance to animal movements; increased habitat area resulting from new connectivity.

Study Design

The following activities are proposed in the Little Menomonee River Corridor, from Appleton to Fond du Lac Avenues. This area of the Little Menomonee will be the focus of the first phase of restoration activities. 1. Full expansion of the grassland on the west side of the pkwy road. 2. Design and install wetlands on the west side of the road 3. Invasive species management in the existing grassland 4. Prescribed burn west side of the road 5. Forest stand improvement east side of the road along the river-includes select thinning and invasive species removal. 6. Parks project manager time to oversee all aspects of the project. See Scope of Work for details.

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