Big-I Development Restoration Project-Chiwaukee Prairie Preserve


The Big-I Development restoration project is located in the Village of Pleasant Prairie in Kenosha County. The Big-I Development restoration project will result in the restoration and enhancement of approximately 33.33 acres of coastal wetlands and 25.35 acres of native prairie and other upland habitat. The project's primary goal is projecting the highly sensitive hydrology of the Chiwaukee Prairie wetland complex to the east that is part of the Lake Plain coastal shore of Lake Michigan and hosts globally-rare wet-mesic lake plain prairie. Wetland and grassland habitat improvements at the site will also provide critical habitat for migratory birds, support nesting of Blanding's turtles documented on site, and expand public recreational opportunities across the Chiwaukee Prairie Preserve.


Site preparation for the proposed wetland restoration and enhancement project is expected to be intensive and will include clearing of undesirable tree and brush species and control of invasive plants. The primary invasive species found on the property include buckthorn, honeysuckle, oriental bittersweet, garlic mustard, dame's rocket, and reed canary grass. These populations are largely occurring within the existing wetland areas or along the railroad grade and other wooded portions of the property covering about a 21-acre area. Wetland restoration activities will primarily include ditch fills, tile breaks, and shallow scrapes to restore wetland hydrology, as well as planting of native prairie species. Construction methods will consist of the use of heavy equipment to strip the material off adjacent croplands to fill ditches and achieve the desired elecations to restore hydrology on the site. Wide track, low pressure equipment will be used to construct the site to avoid or reduce soil compact.

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