LAKESHORE NATURAL RESOURCES PARTNERSHIP INC.: Sheboygan County Collaborative Phragmites Project - Phase 1


The Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership is sponsoring a project to control Phragmites populations in Eastern Sheboygan county. The project will be focused on areas east of State highway 57, and will exclude areas funded by other grants (the Lake Michigan shoreline north of the Pidgeon river, as well as the Pidgeon River corridor). Project activities include: 1) Joining data collected by different organizations and compiling it into a collaborative GIS-based web mapping platform; 2) collaboration with Stantec and UW-Green Bay on a large-scale research project by collecting and utilizing data from sites associated with this project; 3) Initial treatments of Phragmites, as well as follow-up treatments of stands that had been treated in 2017; 4) Identification of suitable re-vegetation sites and installation of native vegetation; 5) On a community level (private landowners, non-profits, local governments), identify and implement long term control strategies; 6) Dissemination of materials for educational and outreach purposes; 7) Limit the spread of Phragmites by training local governments to conduct long-term control strategies on road ROWs and other public properties. Project Deliverables include: 1) A web map that will be made available to partners, and map figures/reported treatment results available to natural resource managers and the public; 2) Annual monitoring and treatment data (as inputs to the model), and the final predictive model that will guide broad-scale Phragmites management efforts (lead by USGS and GLC); and 3) Significant reduction of Phragmites in the project area Specific project conditions: A draft copy of the final report will be provided to the WDNR for review before the report is finalized. WDNR will be provided electronic and hard copies of data and reports/plans generated as a result of this project. This scope summarizes the scope in the grant application and attachments and does not supersede those application tasks/deliverables.

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