UW SYSTEM BOARD OF REGEGENTS: The role of microbes and sunlight in the fate of 2,4-D durin


UW System Board of Regents is sponsoring a grant to study the degradation of 2,4-D during whole-lake herbicide treatments. 1) Microbial communities will be sampled from 16 lakes to quantify abundance of 2,4-D degrading microbes in lakes with and without a history of herbicide treatments in northern and southern Wisconsin. 2) Degradation rates of 2,4-D will be measured in microcosms with and without lake sediments to determine relative role of sediment and water microbes in the degradation of 2,4-D. 3) Water samples from the 16 lakes (from #1) will be used to measure photodegradation of 2,4-D in the lab and analyzed to determine which photochemically produced reactive intermediate compounds react with 2,4-D to facilitate photodegradation. Two degradation byproducts of 2,4-D will also be measured to help distinguish between photo- and bio- degradation. 4) Dark microcosms will be used to measure biodegradation of 2,4-D in water collected from 4-6 lakes in spring 2019. 5) Post whole-lake herbicide treatment water samples will be collected in the same lakes as #3 and analyzed for 2,4-D, degradation byproducts, and genes specific to 2,4-D degrading microbes. Measured degradation of 2,4-D will be compared to predicted degradation rates from the microcosm studies. Department liason will oversee the proposed studies. Biannual check-in meetings will occur and progress reports will be presented to Department staff. The first check-in meeting will occur before project work begins. Results will be shared at professional meetings (including the Wisconsin Lakes Convention) and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. A short management brief, summarizing study findings for the general public, will be developed in collaboration with the Department. The final project report will include results, conclusions of studies and any project data in electronic format. It is recommended that the Grantee provide the DNR liaison with a draft report prior to requesting final payment.

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