Fond Du Lac River (UF03) Watershed Planning


This project was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of BMPs installed in three HUC 12 watersheds in the Fond Du Lac River (HUC 10-0403020302) watershed following the implementation of a Nonpoint Source Priority Watershed Project that began in 1997. This TWA project was designed to determine if the goals of the Priority Watershed Project to protect and improve the watershed water quality were met. The study involved collecting repeatable biological, inorganic chemistry and habitat surveys provide valuable information for future comparison.

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Water Quality Planning
Targeted Watershed Plans
Activities & Recommendations
Restore Wetlands
Identify opportunities for wetland restoration and reestablishment.
Rivers Management Grant
Seek opportunities to award River Planning and Protection Grants to external partners to improve water quality.
Monitor or Propose 303(d) Listing
Monitor highest priority waters to develop a clear understanding of overall water conditions, pollutant loads, and reduction goals.
Educate and engage residents
Educate and work with land owners to reduce phosphorus and sediment runoff.
Nutrient Budget Development
Identify and reduce sediment and nutrient loads from agricultural and urban sources.
Monitor Water Quality or Sediment
Water Quality planning for Fond du Lac through targeted monitoring and recommendations for actions, Effectiveness monitoring and followup.
Aquatic Invasive Species Removal
Prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species in the watershed.
Best Management Practices, Implement
Work with farmers to implement cover crops to reduce cropland erosion during late fall and spring.
TMDL Implementation
Implement the Upper-Fox Wolf River TMDL with specific meaures and monitoring on key waters.