Development of Projects and Management Actions Necessary for Habitat & Populations BUI Removal in the Lower Green Bay Fox River AOC


Wisconsin DNR in collaboration with the UW-Green Bay and other local partners will develop a recommended project and management action list necessary for removal of the habitat and populations beneficial use impairments (BUIs) by the end of March 2019. This project and management action list will be refined and finalized by the end of March 2020 using a previously developed BUI project prioritization tool. The finalization of a project and management action list will include the quantitative documentation of the relative contribution of each individual project and action towards BUI removal.


1) Preparation of a portfolio of consensus-based final management actions (i.e. restoration projects) to implement in the LGBFR AOC (and surrounding 1 km buffer) that, when completed, will lead to removal of fish and wildlife-related BUIs. 2) Distribution of technical assistance to practitioners engaged in restoration efforts in the AOC to maximize the relative contribution of projects on the removal of habitat and wildlife-related BUIs. 3) Updating and refining the metrics and conversion curves in the AOC Fish & Wildlife Assessment Tools to m ore accurately transform field assessment data to reflect condition scores. 4) Creation of a "user manual" for the AOC Fish & Wildlife Assessment Tools and overall process to ensure consistent, long-term usage of the assessment process.

Study Design

This project will catalyze final steps in implementing UW-Green Bay's systemic strategy for removing the two fish and wildlife-related BUIs in the Lower Green Bay and Fox River AOC. They seek funding to 1) help guide the development of cost-effective projects in partnership with WDNR staff, local government, and conservation organizations; 2) provide input to design teams working on AOC habitat or population projects or initiate and, where appropriate, write preliminary project plans or requests for proposals that will lead to the removal of the fish and wildlife-related BUIs; 3) refine and localize metrics (including GIS map analyses) to track progress toward the removal targets; 4) provide support to WDNR in the organization of meetings or workshops to inform agency staff, land managers, and local citizens about current progress toward BUI removal; and 5) recommend impactful management actions or designs that will help reach the AOC's BUI removal targets.

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