DUNN COUNTY: Red Cedar Soil Health Education

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This project will establish several demonstration farms in Dunn County on which local producers will try any number and variety of BMPs, such as cover crops, reduced or no tillage, and nutrient management, all in an effort to demonstrate the efficacy of such practices on their farms in terms of water infiltration, reduced runoff, cost-effectiveness, and reduced phosphorus inputs to local water bodies. The approved 9-Key Element Plan specifies that peer-to-peer learning, on-site education, and other methods of engaging producers are needed to increase these land management practices that help improve water quality. Use of these demonstration farms for such education, field days, and peer-to-peer learning will be crucial to increasing the use of these BMPs throughout the watershed, leading to substantial phosphorus load reductions to local water bodies, and thus to the greater Red Cedar River system and its impounded lakes.