FOX WOLF WATERSHED ALLIANCE: AIS Educaiton, Prevention and Planning - Shawano & Menominee


FWWA proposes to conduct AEPP activities, during the period 2018-2020 for Menominee and Shawano County\2019s. The project elements and deliverables are specified in the FWWA AEPP Grant application, dated 12/6/17. Specific project activities include: 1. CBCW, Project RED, & CLMN AIS monitoring trainings 2. AIS Media campaign 3. AIS boat landing signs inventory & installation 4. AIS monitoring 5. AIS outreach & education 6. Foster relationship with Sheriff for enforcement of AIS laws 7. Perform Point Intercept Surveys according to DNR protocol The AISC shall conduct Point Intercept surveys only when the DNR Aquatic Plant Biologist is participating in the boat. Project deliverables include monitoring data entered in SWIMS, maps and associated GIS files, educational materials developed, trained volunteers, and a final report. Special Conditions: 1. Sponsor shall contact DNR immediately if a new AIS is found. 2. New AIS infestations shall be vouchered and entered in SWIMS. 3. AIS monitoring personnel shall be trained and follow DNR approved protocols. 4. Education materials shall be consistent with the Department\2019s statewide education strategy for preventing and controlling AIS. 5. The AISC shall seek prior consent of the DNR resource managers before recommending AIS control activities. 6. The AIS Coordinator will work in partnership with the DNR to relay the current AIS research. The aspect of a partnership includes working together in professional, non-argumentative and non-aggressive manner. 7. The AISC will also incorporate AIS with holistic resource management, including but not limited to, nutrient control and shoreline improvement education. The grant sponsor shall submit all data, records, and reports, including GIS-based maps and digital images, to the Department in a format specified by the regional Lakes Biologist.

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