PIGEON LAKE ASSOCIATION: Pigeon Lake AIS Education Prevention and Planning


Pigeon Lake Association is contracting an aquatic plant point-intercept survey to better understand their lake. The project also includes AIS early detection monitoring in partnership with Bayfield County and DNR and an education/outreach effort. Final deliverables include the PI survey report, maps, and raw data files, monitoring data beyond the PI results entered into SWIMS, and examples of educational materials developed. The specific objectives, metrics, and deliverables for the listed activities are included in the application and supporting materials, and this scope is not intended to replace or supersede those documents.

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An aquatic plant survey was conducted on Pigeon Lake (WBIC 2489400) on August 31st, 2018 when the water level was 5 feet higher than normal. A total of 433 points were surveyed using methods from Hauxwell (2010) and vegetation was present at 117 sites. The maximum rooting depth was 22 feet, and the maximum depth recorded was 31 feet (normal maximum depth 26 feet, WDNR 2019). Most plant species were growing in depths ≤18 feet while nitella was the only species found 19-22 feet. Overall, the aquatic plant community of Pigeon Lake was somewhat sparse on a lake-wide scale but healthy.
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