TOMAHAWK LAKE ASSOCIATION: Tomahawk Lake 2018 AIS Monitoring, Mapping & Planning


Tomahawk Lake Association, Inc is sponsoring an AEPP grant on the Tomahawk Lake system, in Oneida County. This is a one year project that will focus on AIS monitoring and mapping. Project activities include: 1) Annual EWM pre/post treatment monitoring and analysis; 2) Hire an AIS Coordinator; 3) Purple loosestrife (PL) monitoring and mapping; 4) Annual volunteer AIS training and monitoring; 5) Develop final project report. Project deliverables include: 1) Pre/post treatment survey data and maps; 2) AIS Coordinator; 3) Final report summarizing AIS management and future AIS management suggestions and AIS monitoring. Specific Conditions for this project: Final report needs Dept review and approval. WDNR Lakes Management Coordinator will be provided with an electronic (pdf or word) copy of final report, survey data (includes: pre/post treatment and PL), and all maps and GIS from the project.

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Report of the grant activities which took place as part of AEPP54818 during the 1st grant tri-mester of 2018.
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