ONEIDA COUNTY: Oneida County AIS Prevention & Control Project 2018 - 2019


The Oneida County Land and Water Conservation Department is sponsoring an AEPP grant focusing on AIS education, prevention, monitoring, and coalition building. Project activities include: 1) Host 2 CBCW workshops, 1 CLMN workshop, 1 invasive species ID day, an awards ceremony and partnership meeting, and conduct press releases, school presentations, and weekly/bi-weekly AIS electronic updates; 2) Coordinate a PL biocontrol, yellow iris, Phragmites, and Pelican Lake Zebra mussel projects and a student poster/video contest; 3) Hire 3 seasonal AIS staff (education, watercraft inspections, monitoring, and fieldwork/sampling and data entry/analysis (coordinated with WDNR)); 4) Participate in Landing Blitz, Drain Campaign, AIS Snapshot Day, Bait Shop Outreach, and waterfowl campaign; 5) Attend WI Lakes Convention, UMISC, OCLRA meetings, AIS coordinator meetings, and local lake fairs; 6) AIS education materials and maintain and loan out DO meter for CLMN volunteers; 7) Collect data on AIS distribution and movement and assist with PI and GLRI surveys; 8) Coordinate 1 weekend of work with DNR law enforcement; 9) Initiate Oneida County\2019s AIS strategic plan; 10) Develop final report summarizing project activities. Project deliverables include: 1) Workshops, outreach and awards ceremony and partnership meeting; 2) Hired staff; 3) Entry of watercraft inspection and monitoring forms onto SWIMS; 4) Updated AIS maps; 5) AIS education materials; 6) Final report. Specific Conditions for this project: Final report needs Dept review and approval. WDNR Lakes Management Coordinator will be provided with an electronic (pdf or word) and hard copy of final report, all maps and samples or photographs of AIS educational materials.

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Reports and Documents
The Final Report provides documentation of the accomplishments achieved under AIS Control Grant AEPP 54418 by the Oneida County Land and Water Conservation Department (LWCD).
Birch Lake 8/15/2018 AIS and Water Quality Monitoring Report
Workshop Instructors: Steph Boismenue, AIS Coordinator, Oneida County and Sandy Wickman, Water Resource Management Specialist, WDNR
Student "SAH" Public Service Announcement from 4-5-18.
Press releases are submitted to the following 16 media outlets: TV station WJFW-TV 12; Newspapers FYI Info Northwoods, Forest Republican, Lakeland Times, Northwoods River News, NRG Media, River News Online, Star Journal , Tomahawk Leader, Vilas County News Review; and Radio Stations: WCYE-93.7 FM, WJJQ-92.5 FM, WNWX-96.5 FM, WPEG, WRJO-94.5 FM, WXPR-91.7 FM.
Student SAH public service video. School visit 4-5-18
Activities & Recommendations
Grant Awarded
Grant AEPP54418 awarded