Little Balsam Creek Fish Passage Culverts - Design


The St. Louis River Area of Concern (AOC) has nine beneficial use impairments (BUIs), including two related to fish and wildlife: Degraded Fish and Wildlife Populations, and Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat. The restoration of hydrologically connected habitat is listed as a part of the BUI Removal Target for Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat in the Remedial Action Plan (RAP; MPCA, 2013). During the development of the Remedial Action Plan, road-stream crossings were identified as likely barriers to fish passage in the Wisconsin portion of the Area of Concern. Barriers for fish passage were also identified as a high threat to biodiversity health in the Lake Superior Biodiversity Conservation Assessment (LAMP, 2013).


Short Elliot Hendrickson (SEH) will conduct an assessment of all stream crossings in the AOC identified four crossings on Little Balsam Creek as the highest priority fish barriers. Little Balsam Creek is a high quality Class I brook trout stream which is designated as an Exceptional Resource Water. The four crossings that were identified as fish barriers are the crossings at County Highway B, Foxboro-Patzau Road, Seversen Road, and on the Gandy Dancer Trail.


The established deliverables for this project include: - A concise preliminary report shall be provided that discusses each stream crossing. - Attendance at project team meetings as necessary. - Final design report for each stream crossing that includes construction flow management, traffic control and staging; geotechnical and foundation investigation; specification for the road surface; structural components of each crossing; utilities; list local, state, and federal permits that may be required to carry out the project; electronic and two hard copies; final construction plans and specifications adequate for bid and construction; detailed construction cost estimates.

Study Design

The proposed work for this project includes: - Design the replacement or retrofitting for four (4) culvert crossings to allow passage of fish and other organisms within Little Balsam Creek. - A minimum of two design alternatives for each crossing, considering the following options: culvert replacement/re-design (bottomless arch/structure, box culvert, corrugated culvert, etc), fish ladder or step pool system or other fish passage/biological connectivity mechanism. - Planning level cost estimates for each alternatives and alternatives should be presented to the project team. The project team will make a final decision on selected alternative to be fully designed. Full design specifications can be found in the final Scope of Work.

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