Howards Bay Sediment Sampling 2016


The 2016 Howards Bay sampling was a USACE project. The purpose was to fill data gaps to enable decisions about disposal of strategic navigation dredging material from the Howards Bay project. Samples were collected and analyzed to characterize the shoaling material in the federal navigation channel for disposal at the Erie Pier facility in Duluth, MN. Attached is the USACE QAPP. USEPA and their contractor, Cetacean Marine, collected Vibracore samples. WDNR assisted with the field work by identifying sample intervals and with the processing of samples for shipment to the USACE contract lab(s).

Study Design


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Toxics and Areas of Concern
Reports and Documents
Data template prepared for WI DNR
Data template prepared for uploading grain size data into NOAA DIVER database
Data template prepared for upload of contaminant sediment data in NOAA DIVER database
Field Sampling Plan/Quality Assurance Project Plan, 2016 Howards Bay Sampling, Superior, WI