LITTLE MUSKEGO LAKE P & R DISTRICT: LIttle Muskego Drawdown to Suppress Starry Stonewort


The Little Muskego Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District, in partnership with the City of Muskego and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, is undertaking an extended 84 inch winter drawdown of Little Muskego Lake. The purpose of the project is to expose Starry Stonewort rhizoids and bulbils to freezing and drying conditions, in an attempt to kill the Starry Stonewort and achieve a significant control of the population. Project deliverables include weekly drawdown reports with photo essays, copies of informational handouts (such as website snapshots, newspaper articles, special mailings, newsletters, etc), pictures of informational signs about the drawdown, drone pictures and drone video (if available). All project deliverables can be provided in electronic format.

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