Winter Manure Runoff Study


Department staff monitored the above various flowages and their main stem tributaries to document agricultural runoff entering the flowages during active snowmelt events or winter rain events. The study design includes collecting pre-runoff data from all flowages and their main stem tributaries. Dissolved oxygen and temperature profiles in the impoundments will be conducted approximately every three weeks to document stratification prior to a runoff event. Water chemistry samples will be collected in the zone of anoxia, if found, to document water quality conditions prior to runoff. Pre-runoff sampling will consist of collecting field parameters of dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, temperature and turbidity. Water chemistry parameters were analyzed by the SLOH include BOD, ammonia, TP and E. coli bacteria. During a winter runoff event, the main stem tributaries will be sampled for BOD, ammonia, TP, E. coli bacteria, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity and turbidity. Dissolved oxygen and temperature profiles will be conducted in the impoundments to document the development of dissolved oxygen sag that resulted from organic loading during a runoff event. If a DO sag is found in the impoundments, samples for BOD, ammonia, E. coli bacteria, pH, conductivity and turbidity will be collected. Coliphage analysis will be completed on Big Eau Pleine River during pre and post runoff to document if e coli bacteria present are a product of human or animal waste. The Big Eau Pleine River receives discharges from several small municipalities and therefore human derived E. coli may be present at some level at the monitoring site. Flowages include: Big Eau Pleine Flowage (Central Wisconsin Basin), Spirit Flowage (Head Waters Basin), Lake Tomah (Lower Wisconsin Basin), Runge Hollow Lake (La Crosse Bad Axe Basin), Sidie Hollow Lake (La Crosse Bad Axe Basin), Hillsboro Lake (Lower Wisconsin Basin).


Surface water monitoring will be completed on four impoundments in the WCR and one in Northern Region to document impacts from winter runoff. The flowages include: Big Eau Pleine Flowage (Central Wisconsin Basin) Spirit Flowage (Head Waters Basin) Lake Tomah (Lower Wisconsin Basin) Runge Hollow Lake (La Crosse Bad Axe Basin) Sidie Hollow Lake (La Crosse Bad Axe Basin) Hillsboro Lake (Lower Wisconsin Basin) In addition, the main tributaries feeding each of the impoundments will be evaluated during pre and post winter runoff events.


A final summary report will be completed and shared with Department Staff, County LCDs, and WVIC. The data would be available statewide and could be used to stress the need for better winter management of manure.

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