FQI (21) Lakes


Lake Groups in the Towns of Washington and Presque Isle are proactively looking to establish a benchmark of their aquatic plant community for the future, or need to address nuisance invasive plant issues. From this data, the Towns can then develop APM plans that can help maintain high quality lakes and begin to effectively manage lakes with aquatic plant issues, in particular aquatic invasive species. The department agrees with this approach. The Towns are willing to contribute to this effort along with ISS. Aquatic plant management (APM) surveys (point-intercept) will be conducted on 24 area lakes (Vilas and Forest Counties) to establish baseline conditions. Work will be conducted by ISS and NOR region sampling crews. Northern Wisconsin Lakes can have as many as 30-40 aquatic plant species and aquatic plant identification can be very difficult. For this reason, we feel that having highly trained ISS Plant Specialists perform this work is crucial.


This project took a slightly different direction. Many of the original 24 lakes had point intercept APM surveys funded by Lake AIS Grants (matching funds from lake associations in the Towns of Washington and Presque Isle, Vilas County). Therefore, these funds ($6,000) were directed to help ISS with travel as they sampled other lakes in the Headwaters Basin. These lakes include: Stella, Nebish, Middle Gresham, Big Sand, Long and Silver lakes in Vilas County; Maple, Ginty and Flannery in Oneida County; Bridge in Lincoln County; Hilger and Lower Bass in Langlade County; Lake of Dreams and Middle Lake (Spread Eagle Chain) in Florence County. The department has received the data for the lakes sampled and funded by Lake Grants. All of the lakes sampled by ISS have data available electronically. The data has also been stored in the appropriate WDNR data base.

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